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About Us

This page will tell you more about Oakheart; our vision, mission, and a little bit about our staff team - the group of players that commits themselves to make our collective dream of Oakheart a reality.

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our vision

to be A safe retreat for every survival player.

In late May of 2021, the founding team set out to create a server that would be a safe space for people of all ages and dispositions; a server where people of all backgrounds can make friends and feel at home, respected and looked after. This simple idea has persisted and now represents the main vision of Oakheart.


our mission

to give our community a voice and work closely with them

Through the establishment of our Player Council system, we aim to provide a voice for our community; ensuring that the server continues to do what is best for everyone, for the right reasons, and through the fairest possible means.


The TEaM

Meet the staff members that make Oakheart possible!

_SilentBeauty_ | Owner

Hello, I'm _SilentBeauty_, or known as Sil or Silent. I am definitely a chatty person, so I'm excited to get to know each and every one of you! If you ever need help, or a friend to talk to, my DM's are always open 😊

I'm looking forward to watching how our journey on Oakheart blossoms into something beautiful together. See you around!

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