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Server rules

Oakheart is a community for all ages; while that includes mature groups of players, it also includes younger players! Therefore the deal is simple - be nice to everyone, and try not to do anything that you may not want a little kid to see!

While the following page will list out all server rules in pretty good detail, we still encourage you to look at our Official Rules Document; click the button below to check it out!

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Rule 1

No Griefing/Raiding

Griefing is damaging, defacing, destroying or otherwise altering a build of another player, with intent to
do so
, without their consent and without a reasonable excuse. Raiding is the dishonest taking of
another’s items without the owner’s consent, with
intent to permanently deprive the owner of said
item. Doing so is against the rules and you may be liable to a ban.

Raiding unclaimed builds are also regarded as an offence!

Griefing can also include doing unnecessary damage to the main overworld, such as using TNT duping
machines [see
Rule (6)], lava casting, destroying communal builds such as public roads or minecart rails.


Rule 2

Be Respectful

Respect is to act courteously and give due regard to another individual/group’s feelings and opinions.
respect other people’s opinions and don’t be overly aggressive in any way. If you can’t get along
with someone, /ignore them. If you feel like someone is being
toxic, report them privately to staff.

Building offensive structures such as symbols of hate or phallic objects, are also strictly prohibited.

You must also respect one’s base privacy by not making any claims, or setting any homes within 50
blocks of another player without their consent. If you do so, your claim may be removed by a staff
member and your base will be liable to deconstruction and/or raiding by the settled player.


Rule 3

Limit Cursing; No Spamming/Harassing

Cursing is allowed, when it isn’t used as a direct attack against any groups of people, individuals or in any
discussion on sensitive topics. However, any and all
racial slurs, or language that can be objectively
as racial slurs, are strictly prohibited.

Spamming is the indiscriminate, sometimes random, and intrusive repeating of a certain word, character
or language. It can take the form of repeated sentences, phrases, words, letters or numbers, and is often
annoying to any recipients who have to read it. Spamming through any medium on Oakheart is forbidden, and can lead to punishments such as mutes or bans.


Rule 4

No Advertising

Advertising is to state another server’s name or IP in an attempt to invite players off of Oakheart to play survival elsewhere. This is prohibited through any and all mediums connected to the server, including server
DM’s, server Discord DM’s (without the recipient’s consent) or public chat.

However, casual discussion of other servers in all forms are fine, including stating server names and
discussing past experiences in them. Respectfulness
Rule (2) applies here, so do not bash anyone or be
disrespectful when discussing players or staff members of said servers.


Rule 5

No Disallowed Modifications

Disallowed mods, also called “hacks” are prohibited modifications to your client that provide an unfair
. An unfair advantage is when a mod provides an edge over vanilla players to obtain
resources quicker and easier, to traverse terrain more effectively or to give yourself an edge in PVP.

The following are a list of allowed modifications:

  • Optifine or any mods with the sole purpose of boosting client performance;

  • Aesthetic mods or texture mods;

  • HUD mods that display armour/tool effects;

  • Brightness/Gamma adjustment mods;

  • Minimap mods;

  • Schematica or any mods which help with building, as long as the printer option is disabled.


Rule 6

No Exploits

To exploit, is to abuse glitches, bugs and/or issues with either the server or Minecraft, in order to obtain a
prohibited result, such as the duplication of items, illegitimately obtaining items, or to lag the server.

If you discover an exploit, you will not be punished and may keep any benefits obtained from
testing/discovering the exploit, if it is
reported to staff members immediately. However, if you abuse an
exploit and are discovered by staff while doing so, any benefits will be rolled back and punishments may be dealt.


Rule 7

English Only

We seek to create an environment where English speaking players feel comfortable, and as such our staff
members will only
moderate in English. This means that English will be the only permitted language in
public chat, if you wish to speak in any other languages, please do so in server
DM’s or Discord DM’s.

If you ignore the server staff’s request to speak in English, you will be muted.


Rule 8

AFK Kick

The server has an AFK kick timer of 3 hours, in order to allow players to auto-farm resources while AFK.
However, this AFK kick cannot be circumvented in any way, whether by use of any sort of AFK machine
including AFK pools and others.

As such, AFK fishing machines are also prohibited due to their ability to circumvent the AFK
kick timer.

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